Diamond Blades - Asphalt

Diamond Blades - Asphalt

Diamond blades for asphalt cutting can be used for straight asphalt cutting as well as for asphalt over concrete. This type of diamond blade is for roadway construction, demolition and parking lot applications. Asphalt blades can also be used for many green concrete saw cutting applications.
  • Asphalt Diamond Blades - Diamond Blade for High Speed Saw to 13HP - Heavy Duty Series - (good cutting speed & blade life)
  • Asphalt Diamond Blades U-Slot - High Speed Saws Diamond Blade 13HP - Heavy Duty Series U-Slot - (excellent cutting speed & blade life)
  • Asphalt Diamond Blades U-Slot - High Speed Saw Diamond Blade 35HP - Premium Series U-Slot - (excellent cutting speed & blade life)
  • Asphalt Diamond Blades U-Slot - High Speed Saw 35 HP - Supreme Series U-Slot - (superior cutting speed & best blade life)
  • Asphalt Diamond Blades - Diamond Blade up to 65 HP Saw - Professional series - (medium bond) laser welded, gullets, undercut protection.

When your diamond blade is cutting only asphalt, a dedicated saw blade is best. The per saw blade cost for these single application diamond blades is higher than for general purpose diamond blades. However, the lower cost per cut makes them a great choice when cutting only one application. The first thing to consider when choosing an asphalt diamond blade, is your saw. Some diamond saw blades are designed for 13 HP walk behind saws, like our Heavy Duty Series U-Slot blades. Our Supreme Series U-Slot diamond blades are made for higher torque created by more powerful walk behind saws. For pavement saws in the 65 HP range, use our Professional series blades.

Next consider segment design of the diamond blade. Most asphalt blades feature undercut protection. There are many different protection styles. Some blades like our Heavy Duty Series feature a slanted type undercut protection. Another popular style is the wide gullet U-Slot featured in our Premium Series U-Slot. This series features alternating deep segments. The U-Slot gullet design clears the larger pieces of debris expelled when cutting asphalt.

Toolplanet.com offers many asphalt diamond blades. We also carry blades for cured concrete, green concrete, brick, block, masonry, ductile iron, marble, granite, stone and tile. Toolplanet.com sells specialty diamond tools like cup wheels, tuck pointers, core drill bits and diamond polishing pads. All of these diamond tools are made to high quality ISO 9002 specifications. Every asphalt cutting diamond blade from Tool Planet cuts fast and gives long life on abrasive materials. If you need a blade for a concrete saw, asphalt saw, high speed gas powered saw or walk behind saw, Toolplanet.com has the asphalt and green concrete cutting blade that is right for you. For help selecting the right blades for your asphalt job, please call us Toll Free at 1-888-535-8665 or email us at sales@toolplanet.com

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