Tuck Pointing Blades

Tuck Pointing Blades

Our tuck point blades are the perfect tool to quickly remove old mortar from masonry joints. These tuck pointers are for use on angle grinders and come in sizes from 4 inch to 7 inches. All diamond products from ToolPlanet.com are made to high quality ISO 9002 specifications.

These tuckpointing blades are used when:

  • Mortar between bricks is old
  • Mortar between bricks is weak
  • Mortar is cracked or damaged
  • The "head joints" or "bed joints" need to be replaced

Toolplanet.com offers many mortar grinding and repointing blades for masonry and brick repair work. Our lineup consists of a wide application range so there are wheels available for diy tuckpointing to professional masonry grade and everything in between. For help selecting the right saw blades for your asphalt, concrete saw cutting or brick work job, please call us Toll Free at 1-888-535-8665.]

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