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XP Diamond 14" Brick Masonry Turbo Diamond Blade Dry Cut Saw Blade

SKU: 910281


Applications: Brick, clay pavers, ductile iron pipe, hard brick, hard concrete, and pavers

Machinery: High speed saws or a masonry table saw

  • Segment width .125 (3.18mm)
  • Segment Height 10mm
  • Arbor 1" - 20mm
  • Laser welded
  • Thin slanted gullet
  • cooling holes in core
  • Alternating regular segments and turbo segments for faster cutting speed and longer life
  • Very fast cutting speed
  • Better blade life
Brand: NOVA | Manufacturer: NOVA
UPC: 753182350509
Manufacturer Part: TS1410H
SKU: 910281
Weight: 6.00 lbs