Steelex Chisel Honing Guide Jig Plane Sharpener D1044

SKU: WS-D1044


  • Accurate bevels are easily achieved using this Steelex honing guide
  • Very easy to use and a must for any chisel owner
  • Iron capacity: 2-5/8" wide
  • Chisels capacity: 1-5/8" wide
  • If you've tried sharpening blades by hand then you know that this is one tool you must have!
  • Made in Taiwan
  • One year warranty
  • The wheel is a steel bearing which spins on a steel shaft, which is threaded for adjustment of the width of the two jaws.
  • Chisel Projection
  • 30mm = 30 Degrees
  • 40mm - 25 Degrees
  • Plane Iron Projection
  • 38mm = 30 Degrees
  • 50mm - 25 Degrees
Brand: Steelex | Manufacturer: Woodstock
UPC: 769433110440
Manufacturer Part: D1044
SKU: WS-D1044
Weight: 1.00 lbs
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