Engine Oil Saver No Spill Automotive Bottle Drain Funnel - Black

SKU: ERS1070

Help Save our world one drop at a Time !!!
  • The Oil Saver allows the residual oil that is normally left in the bottle to make it into the oil pan where it belongs!
  • Drain the remaining oil from 5 containers at once
  • 1 year warranty.
  • The Oil Saver can save you money by reclaiming oil that was once simply thrown away.
The OIL-SAVER is simple in appearance, but a great deal of research has gone into its design. It consists of a basic rectangular funnel that's molded to hold six inverted oil bottles, the contents of which gradually drain out and into the depository of choice -- usually another oil bottle, leaving the plastic bottles clean enough for recycling. And with thousands of funnels already in use, they have proven themselves to be versatile, practical tools that create a two-fold benefit: they save money while allowing the consumer to be part of a collective recycling effort, helping to prevent global contamination

Also, OIL-SAVERS are themselves the product of recycled oil bottles, making for a 360 degree recycling effort.
Brand: ERS | Manufacturer: Environmental Recycling Systems
UPC: 656811690024
Manufacturer Part: ERS1070
SKU: ERS1070
Weight: 0.8 lbs

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