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13.5" Diamond Saw Blade Early Entry Green Concrete .125"

SKU: 910544


  • 13.5" diameter
  • The early entry green concrete cutting system features a square-like arbor that easily fits Soff-Cut* saws without adaptors.
  • A skid plate shield is included free with each blade. The shield attaches to worn skid plate to protect concrete joint against spalling and raveling.
  • Our Early Entry diamond blade is for cutting on hard concrete with chert / Traprock aggregate on a Soff-Cut* saw with skid plate cover.
  • An anti-ravel skid plate comes with every blade to allow for same day cutting without chipping or spalling on newly finished concrete.

*Soff-cut is a registered trademark of Soff-Cut International. This product is not affiliated with Soff-Cut International.
Brand: NOVA | Manufacturer: NOVA
UPC: 753182353807
Manufacturer Part: GC135X
SKU: 910544
Weight: 7.00 lbs