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12 V Electric Cable Winch 2,000 lb Capacity ATV

SKU: 400921


  • 12 DC Input
  • Motor: .83 hp
  • Load Capacities: 6000 lbs (Rolling), 4500 lbs (Marine), 2000 lbs (Pulling)
  • Line Speed: 3.2M/min No Load, 1.3M/min at 2000 lb Load
  • Remote with 10' Cable
  • Gear Ratio: 153:1
  • Gearing: Differential Planetary
  • Dimensions: 11.3" (L) x 4.2" (W) x 4.2" (H)
This winch has a pulling capacity of 2,000 lbs at the first half-wrap of the cable. What this means is that when the cable is fully spooled out, with only half of the winch drum wrapped in cable (around 10 turns of the drum), it has a maximum pulling capacity of 2000 lbs. This maximum capacity will decrease as the line and load are pulled towards the winch. As a general rule, for every full layer of cable on the winch (around 12 feet), you will lose a cumulative 10% of pulling capacity. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you always spool out as much line as possible (within guidelines) prior to winching.

Given ideal winching conditions, you can:

  1. Move a wheeled load from a "dead" stop of up to 2,000 lbs. on level ground.
  2. Move up to a 4,800 lb. boat in water.
  3. Maintain movement of a wheeled vehicle of up to 6,000 lbs.
Brand: Generic | Manufacturer: Generic
UPC: 837013113034
Manufacturer Part: 11303
SKU: 400921
Weight: 16.00 lbs