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Masonry Blade

Diamond Blades - Brick Masonry Cutting

A brick and masonry diamond blade is for use on a high speed saw or table saws. This kind of diamond saw blade is for cutting, bricks, blocks, pavers, limestone, quarry stones as well as refractory bricks. This diamond blade is perfect for a masonry saw or a gas powered saw since it can be used for wet saw cutting or dry saw cutting. When you need the right diamond masonry blade for your masonry saw, come to Tool Planet. offers a wide variety of masonry cutting diamond saw blades for use on all types of saws including masonry saws, pavement saws, masonry saws, and high speed gas powered saws. All brick and masonry cutting diamond blades from Tool Planet conform to the toughest industry standards. Every brick cutting saw blade in our warehouse meets high quality ISO 9002 specifications. All brick diamond blades and masonry diamond saw blades from Tool Planet provide fast cutting and long life on hard masonry materials including brick, block, refractory brick, clay pavers, hard concrete and field stone. Our laser welded brick cutting saw blades perform well in wet cutting or dry saw cutting applications. So, no matter what type of diamond masonry blade you are looking for, Tool Planet has a diamond blade that is right for you. If you need assistance selecting masonry diamond saw blades for your diamond saw cutting application, please call us Toll Free at 1-888-535-8665.