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Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable Wrench

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At we carry just about every type of adjustable wrench on the market. We ship fast and we have wrenches to cover every size out there. Do you need an offset wrench? We have it. Need a 12" wrench or 24" wrench, it's not a problem. Pick a make, a length, a size. If you don't see just the right adjustable wrench for your needs, give us a call toll free at 1-888-535-8665.

Adjustable Wrench

For getting into tight spaces and loosening bolts or parts in hard to reach places, use a chain wrench from Tool Planet. We carry these wrenches in a multiple sizes so it does not matter whether you need just one 20" flexible chain wrench or if you need to purchase several 20"" chain wrenches. This extremely versatile adjusting wrench is widely used for automotive repair jobs like removing oil filters.

Pipe Wrench

Pick an adjusting wrench that automatically conforms to the size pipe you are working on. Or choose this offset wrench that features the jaws at an angle counter to the line of the handle. When it comes to an adjustable wrench or pipe wrench, we have them."
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