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Turbo T Segment Masonry Blades

Turbo T Segment Masonry Blades

Our 4" - 14" Turbo T Segmented Diamond Blades feature a unique slanted T segment design with U gullets and undercut protection for fast aggressive cutting on wide range of hard masonry materials.

Applications: Hard concrete, paver, brick, clay pavers, hard brick and granite

Machinery: For use on angle grinders, circular saws, high speed saws and masonry table saws
  • Segment width: .080", .085, .090", .125" as specified
  • Segment Height: 10mm
  • Arbor: 7/8"-5/8", DM7/8"-5/8", 1" - 20mm as specified
  • Slanted Turbo T segments
  • U gullets
  • Use wet or dry