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Concrete Saw Blade - Laser Turbo Segment

Diamond Blade For Concrete - Laser Turbo Segment

Our 4" - 24" laser-welded turbo segmented blade delivers outstanding performance at an affordable cost for the contractor who has the most rugged and demanding job of going through cured concrete or reinforced concrete with rebar. Features:

Applications: Concrete, Cured Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Hard Brick/Block, Pavers and Stone

Machinery: For use on angle grinders, circular saws, high speed saws or on walk-behind concrete saws up to 13 HP.
  • Segment width: .095", .098", .125", .140", .165" & .175" as specified
  • Segment Height 10mm
  • Arbor: 7/8"-5/8", DM 7/5"-5/8", 1"-20mm, & 20mm as specified
  • Laser Welded
  • Segmented Turbo
  • Tear Drop Gullets
  • Use wet or dry