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General Purpose Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades - General Purpose

A diamond blade for general purpose use is ideal for contractors who need to cut a wide variety of different materials. These materials include concrete, brick, masonry, block, slate or field stone. General purpose diamond blades also work well on a wide variety of saws including masonry saws, brick saws, concrete saws, cut-off saws, walk behind saws, gas powered saws and circular saws. One of the biggest benefits of using this type of saw blade is that the saw cutting blade does not have to be changed between jobs. This efficiency and flexibility results in lower operating costs.

    A diamond blade for all purpose use is good when:

    • jobs are small
    • jobs that are not scheduled
    • the saw user does not want to change diamond saw blades
    • the saw user’s experience is low
    • cost per diamond blade is more important that cost per cut