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Green Concrete Blades - Early Entry

Green Concrete Blades - Early Entry

Use our Early Entry Green concrete diamond blades to cut relief joints to help prevent and control cracking in uncured concrete. These blades help you control costs and prevent repair which increases your return on investment.

  • The early entry green concrete cutting system features a square-like arbor that easily fits Soff-Cut* saws without adaptors.
  • A skid plate shield is included free with each blade. The shield attaches to worn skid plate to protect concrete joint against spalling and raveling.
  • Our Early Entry diamond blade is for cutting on hard concrete with chert / Traprock aggregate on a Soff-Cut* saw with skid plate cover.
  • An anti-ravel skid plate comes with every blade to allow for same day cutting without chipping or spalling on newly finished concrete.

*Soff-cut is a registered trademark of Soff-Cut International. This product is not affiliated with Soff-Cut International.