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Concrete Crack Chaser

Crack Chaser Blade Concrete Crack Chasing Saw Blade

Use a concrete crack chasing blade to repair cracks and imperfections in a concrete floor. The 12mm V segment of the concrete crack chaser blade cuts through concrete fast, eliminating the crack and leaving a V shaped trough. Additional concrete is then troweled into the trough and smoothed over and the crack repair is complete. The crack chasers we sell come in a variety of sizes from 4 to 8 inches. These concrete wheels are used by concrete professionals and DIY users alike. This type of diamond blade is mounted either on a hand held angle grinder or it can be used on a dedicated crack chasing saw. These diamond blades can be used wet or dry. Call Toll Free 888-535-8665 for expert advice in selecting a diamond blade or for help with placing an order.