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Concrete Saw Blades

Concrete Saw Blade - Concrete Diamond Blades is your source for blades to cut cured and reinforced concrete using a variety of saws. All concrete cutting blades meet ISO 9002 specifications. When cutting only cured concrete, a dedicated diamond blade is best. The cost per blade may be higher, but the lower cost per cut lowers the overall cost of the project. The first thing to consider is your concrete saw. Some concrete saw blades are designed for 13 HP walk behind saws, like our All Purpose Diamond Blades. Others, like our Premium Diamond Blades, are made for higher torque created by more powerful saws. For pavement saws in the 65 HP range, use our Professional series. For answers to questions, or help in purchasing a concrete diamond blade for your diamond concrete cutting application, please call us Toll Free at 1-888-535-8665.