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RE-GRIP can be applied to a wide variety of cylindrical and semi-cylindrical objects such as tools, levers, sports equipment and handle bars, to name just a few of the uses. RE-GRIP not only provides mechanical and environmental protection, but enhances safety and comfort. View our list of ideas for tool and handle grip replacement.

Re-Grip 44-7 Replacement Handle Grip, 0.69 x 1.5
Re-Grip 44-7 Replacement Handle Grip, 0.69 x 1.5
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Re-Grip 61-7 Replacement Handle
Re-Grip 61-7 Replacement Handle Grip for Hand and Garden Tools, 0.88 by 1.8-Inch
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Re-Grip 36-7 Replacement Handle
Re-Grip 36-7 Replacement Handle Grip for Hand and Garden Tools, 0.58 by 1.1-Inch
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Some of today's tools come with grips that are formed of soft material for comfort but they tend to fail before the tool breaks, is worn out, or loses its usefulness. Other grips are formed of a harder material to be more durable, but those grips generally sacrifice comfort. Replacement and supplementary grips are uncommon because handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and replacing a handle is generally a difficult process. Replacement grips are available, but tend to be very specific to a particular handle and application, such as golf clubs or tennis rackets. These are usually replaced by professionals because of the difficulty and expertise required. A replacement grip like dip grips or spray grip simply don't work very well. ReGrip fills the void by providing durability without sacrificing comfort; it can be installed on almost any handle and is easy enough that anyone can add a new grip

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