Environmental Recycling

Environmental Recycling

The OIL-SAVER is simple in appearance, but a great deal of research has gone into its design. It consists of a basic rectangular funnel that's molded to hold six inverted oil bottles, the contents of which gradually drain out and into the depository of choice -- usually another oil bottle, leaving the plastic bottles clean enough for recycling. And with thousands of funnels already in use, they have proven themselves to be versatile, practical tools that create a two-fold benefit: they save money while allowing the consumer to be part of a collective recycling effort, helping to prevent global contamination.

ERS has developed an inexpensive means of recycling residual oil that typically gets discarded with the bottle. Millions of poorly drained bottles find their way into our landfills every single day!

The basic genius of the recovery system inheres in the fact that it was designed to function in a pre-emptive capacity. To implement the system is to take pro-active steps toward the preservation of our water ways and aquifers by seizing contents of oil bottles before it hits the landfill.

Also, OIL-SAVERS are themselves the product of recycled oil bottles, making for a 360 degree recycling effort.

Our customers are always coming up with unique ways of using the Oilsaver funnel.

We've seen them hanging outside of a window being used as a planter....hanging in a shower being used to drain shampoo and conditioner bottles....and hanging in rearing pins as a self leveling water troff feeder system.

You can also use 2 Oilsavers funnels as a parts washing system. Your cleaning solvents are filtered back into bottles for reuse. NO more solvents going into the ground!!!!!
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